Encounters with the Imaginary vol 2


Encounters with the Imaginary is an anthology of fantastical illustrations, featuring the work of over 20 artists! Each artist chose an imaginary creature and created a series of illustrations and a small piece of creative writing to accompany them. If love the imaginary, fantastical art you will be getting lost in this beautiful book!

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Encounters with the Imaginary is an illustration and creative writing anthology inspired by the imaginary—from beloved myths, legends and folktales to new creatures and stories! Each of the 22 artists contributed an original short story or poem and a series of illustrations depicting an imaginary creature of their choice, some artists even doing two complete series! The result is a fantastic body of work from each artist, created specifically for this volume. From fairies and gnomes, to monolithic deities, each artist choose an imaginary creature and let their imagination run!

Each artist was given four 12″ x 9″ pages (although some contributed even more!) to explore a creature that inspired them, and craft a story surrounding it. Because of this, each artist’s spread contains a whole universe for the reader to explore. Encounters with the Imaginary showcases the artists’ love of storytelling!

This second volume of Encounters is filled with even more art than the year before! The book has over 130 pages of creative work: 27 full page illustrations, 5 two-page illustrations, and a plethora of smaller illustrations filling the rest of the pages—making this book a fantastic treasure trove of the Imaginary!

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